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Bankruptcy & Debt Defense

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Only

We provide advice and some full representation to clients in the process of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We do not provide services for Chapter 11 or 13.

We also give advice for anyone with credit card, medical, or other types of debt. Our attorneys will help determine if Bankruptcy is the right option, or of something else can be done to reduce or eliminate the debt.


Children First

With Department of Children, Youth & Families

Families involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) sometimes need help with “Family Law” actions to keep their children safe. These might be divorce, parenting plans, protection orders or custody agreements. We partner with Department of Children, Youth and Families to guide these families through those family law actions.

Our lawyers do not give advice on any part of the case that may be prosecuted in court (ie: criminal or defending against CPS investigation). We may only help with non-criminal family law matters (ie: taking steps to help the child remain in or return to the home).

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Domestic Violence

In Partnership with YWCA Clark County

We partner with the YWCA SafeChoice Domestic Violence program to provide legal service for victims of domestic violence. Anyone who has experienced domestic violence and now has legal issues as a result can meet with a specially trained attorney in a safe space.

Call 360-696-0167 to  TALK TO AN ADVOCATE AT YWCA

Early Parenthood

For Young Parents

For youth experiencing early parenthood (have had a child or are currently expecting one before the age of 21). Out attorneys meet with them in the office or at their school to offer legal advice (group and 1-on-1) on rights, responsibilities, and resources of parents in Clark County.


Elder Law

Advice with a Lawyer by Appointment

This program serves aged clients with multiple legal problems at the same time, or with legal concerns that are made worse because of their age. This also includes clients whose life experiences have led them to encounter legal concerns typical of seniors. Rather than require aged clients to seek advice in each program based on area of law, attorneys in this program address a wide range of concerns (Family Law, Contracts, Debt, Financial Abuse, Housing, etc.). We also provide traditional advice in Wills, Estate Plans, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directives, etc.


Employment Law

Advice with a Lawyer by Appointment

Support is specifically provided to (but not limited to) people who’s employment-related legal needs arise from or are made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These legal problems may include, but are not limited to:

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination, Retaliation, or Harassment
  • Wage and Hour Disputes
  • Fair and Safe Workplaces
  • Unemployment Benefits (Denials and Appeals)


Family Law

Advice with a Lawyer by Appointment

We provide advice and assistance to clients with family law needs. These include divorce, custody, parenting plans and non-parental custody.


Financial Forgiveness

For Court Fines in Clark County Only

We facilitate discharge of fines and fees through district court. We work directly with the judge on the client’s behalf, using a financial declaration. This program can restore driver’s licenses and remove most or all legal financial obligations.

We also help with the paperwork and process of superior court fines.

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General Law

Advice with a Lawyer by Appointment

General Law includes all areas of civil (not criminal) legal needs that don’t fit into another category. This may be help with contracts, getting a security deposit back, or more traditional “consumer protection” needs.


Guardianship (Lay)

Paperwork Review and Guidance for “Lay” (Nonprofessional) Guardians

This is a program for lay people serving as guardians of people with disabilities that are physical, mental health, age related, or who have neurological capacity concerns. Guardians must be non-professional, but may be in any stage of the process (including not yet appointed by the court). Our attorneys help guardians establish or maintain a lay guardianship.



Walk-In Clinic for People Experiencing Homelessness (While Day Center Closed-Contact us Directly)

We work with social service organizations to bring  legal aid directly to people experiencing homelessness. This may be in the form of a walk-in advice clinic or providing full representation on legal issues specific to this client population.

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Housing Justice Project

Advice Appointments & At Court

Housing Justice cases include landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, tenant discrimination, or any issue that prevents a client from being safely and fairly housed. Our attorneys provide advice in our office, then accompany clients, if necessary, to the unlawful detainer (eviction) docket.

We do not provide financial help with rent.


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